Sunday, 29 November 2009

Please, Father Christmas!

I've started to make my Christmas list for this year, hoping that giving it to my mum early will help avoid any disappointment on my part, haha. I'm so, so desperate for a Wildfox tee or jumper, I just think they're so amazing! I'm in love with this one, saying 'J'♥ WILDFOX' - it's $64 and I'm not quite sure what that works out as in English pounds but I love it all the same.

I've also got my eyes on a few styleforstyle tees, an Italian brand which makes gorgeous, witty tops. I love this 'Idols' one as well as others saying 'Please do not feet the models', 'I am a Voguette' and 'Cinerella ♥ Manolo'... I wish I could have all three! They're 36 Euro and I'd team mine with some ripped shorts in summer or leggings and a denim jacket for the winter months.

And how could I forget Topshop? They've got some fantastic pieces in at the moment and I'm honestly finding it hard to wait until Christmas for this cute cardigan! I think it's so pretty and could be dressed up or down. And at £25 it's reasonably priced, too.


Nina said...
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Nina said...

Great Christmas List! Hope you get EVERYTHING!